Maria Karavá
aka Alkoreiel

self portrait of Maria,  laying down, only eyes showing and spread out hair

I strive for Webflow builds that empower you not to need me!




Web Development

Sweat Economy is an on-chain crypto ecosystem and mobile app that facilitates the M2E reward model. In its simplest terms, it’s a web3 application of the existing web2 Sweatcoin app.


Web Design / Web Development

A multilingual digital project developed by the international artists’ collective, Eteria Filon.

Between 10th September and 24th December 2021, the artistic team is building an experimental narrative – a hybrid – which combines the making-of of a future project with portraits of the artists involved.

Alyssa’s Animal Sanctuary

Web Design / Web Development

Alyssa's Animal Sanctuary redesign, awarded third place by public voting.

the MET

Web Design / Web Development

Redesign of MET museum landing page.

A Bug's Life -  Beetles

Web Design / Web Development

A study on complex grid structures and responsiveness with a touch of small, fun interactions.

winZip 1997

Web Design / Web Development

Recreation of WinZip's 1997 landing page while adding responsiveness for 2022 users.

but there’s more in life than web

Athens metro, View of the tracks trough an arched multi pane window


food truck at night after a concert. It reads "Mama Tereza"
Tsimpla, the cat, looking out the window. Black and white
Sink with blue cup, small plate with spoon and green plate broken in three pieces
self portrait of Maria Karavá, with a shadow in a cross shape separating  her face in quarters
the inside of an abandoned  building in Agria, Greece
Singer of Nightstalker perfoming on stage
crystal water bottle patio door in Greek neoclassical housecorridor with hanging strings lights, during Christmas, leading to a rocking horse
red spooky mask on red wall with long upward shadows
Edna, the Jack Russell terrier
self portrait of Maria Karavá. Head resting against a fridge door revealing a differently coloured version of herself
door, next to some steps, of an abandoned house in Pelion, Greece
blue public phone, one of the last ones remaining, at the train station of Ano Lechonia, Greece
green and red lights at a ramen place in Athens, Greece


Marilyn tractor illustration
Obelix -- illustration part of Legs project
Abby Sciuto -- illustration part of Legs project
Xena the Warrior Princess -- illustration part of Legs project
The Dude -- illustration part of Legs project
Amara the grumpy witch
Snow Joe illustration
the 10th Doctor -- illustration part of Legs project
Self portrait illustration
Random guy illustration
eye pencil sketch
Maria -- illustration part of Legs project
Family guy fan art illustration
El(even) -- illustration part of Legs project
Coffee packaging illustration for Morning Punch fictional coffee brand
Jinx Johnson -- illustration part of Legs project
Origami paper boat watercolor painting
Cassowary and leaves illustration
head illustration
Special Agent Dale Cooper -- illustration part of Legs project
Gollum -- illustration part of Legs project
Cute onion illustration
Head acrylics painting
Star Trek Insignia painting
Captain Jean Luc Picard in dress uniform -- illustration part of Legs projects
Maria as Queen of Spades
Maria as Queen of Hearts